China-Korea "Fast Track" Coming

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China-Korea "Fast Track" Coming

On April 29, 2020, China and South Korea held the second video conference of joint defense and joint control cooperation mechanism. At the meeting, the government of China and South Korea reached an agreement to announce the establishment of a "Fast Track" for urgently needed personnel exchanges in important business, logistics, production and technical services between China and South Korea.

What is "Fast Track"?

The "Fast Track" aims to ensure that under the prevention and control of the epidemic, it will facilitate the communication between the people who are in urgent need of the resumption of work and production between China and South Korea, maintain and develop the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, and maintain the stability and smoothness of the industrial chain and supply chain of the two countries.

Which areas of China are applicable to "Fast Track"?

Because the requirements of epidemic prevention and specific measures in the two countries are not the same. Specifically, ten provinces and cities in China will be covered by the "Fast Track" approach. Due to the fact that the Korean Chinese routes in some places have not yet returned to normal, there are only five regions (Shanghai, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui) that are actually applicable to the channel.

How to realize "Fast Track"?

Relevant Korean personnel can apply for visa to China with the invitation letter issued by the Chinese local government and the health certificate issued by the medical institution designated by the Ministry of health and wellbeing of South Korea. After passing the health monitoring and quarantine inspection, the isolation time after entry can be shortened, and then they can be effectively managed in the whole process according to the closed-loop principle (it is forbidden to take public transport after entering China. You must use private vehicles to travel and monitor your status at all times.).

Previously, the South Korean government stipulated that all immigrants, regardless of nationality, must receive 14 days of isolation observation after entering the country. However, according to the new regulations, in the future, when Chinese enterprises visit South Korea for important business purposes, they only need to submit the negative certificate of new coronavirus test to the Korean embassy and consulate in China within three days before going abroad, then they can apply for exemption from quarantine. After entering Korea, they need to be tested for virus again. If the result is negative, they can engage in economic activities in the whole territory of Korea without isolation, and only need to accept the dynamic epidemic prevention management of South Korea.

The specific operation rules are still under further optimization. Stay tuned for more information with us.

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