China Plans Easier Border Entry Rules for Foreign Tourists

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China plans easier border entry rules for some foreign tourists. China’s government issued draft rules aimed at making it easier for some foreigners to enter China for visits to tourism sites along the Chinese border.China has shut its borders to foreign tourists since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, with only specific groups of foreign nationals allowed to enter the country, such as those holding certain work visas.In recent months, rules have gradually been relaxed, from resuming more direct flights between China and some countries to allowing foreign students with valid residence permits to enter China. Quarantine for foreign arrivals has also been reduced.

Travel groups organized by tour agencies in border areas in China can choose their port of entry and exit “flexibly”, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said in a statement on Monday, without giving specifics on locations and dates.

With the WHO's reassessment of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the recent efforts of the HKSAR government to resume customs clearance in 2023, entry restrictions will be gradually relaxed. Work visas are being gradually restored now, our customers have successfully obtained visa approval and are expected to come to China for employment and investment by the end of the year. We believe in the government's determination to prevent epidemics and revitalize the economy. Here, we suggest that the visa application for coming to China next year can be prepared as early as possible in the fourth quarter. If you need work permit and visa application services, please contact us.

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