Save Your Tax in a Legal Way

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China's individual income tax rates from 3% to 45%, which is in the upper level of the world. Due to high tax costs and complex rules, you do have the demand and opportunity to save your individual income tax in a legal and proper way. An anticipatory and skillful tax plan is very helpful.

It is not always that high earners pay the high marginal rates of taxes on income. Even for those persons who stay in China with the same purpose, that is, with the same kind of visa, different tax treatments may occur due to different visas they hold.

You can save tax by controlling the days spent in China. Effective controls of resident days will help avoid huge tax burden.

Which kinds of income are taxable? Let our professional consultant to rearrange the nature of your income to make full use of the exempted categories.

We'd like to share with our experience and guide you technical tips. Please contact us and let's discuss how to save your tax in a legal way.

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