Changed Rules of Health Code for Coming Back to SH

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All travelers to Shanghai from other provinces must receive a daily nucleic acid test for three days in a row, otherwise their health code will turn yellow. Travelers are also required to receive the first test within 24 hours upon arrival.

Answers to recent hot issues


How to fill in the information after coming to Shanghai and returning to Shanghai?

First, all personnel coming to and returning from Shanghai should fill in the relevant information accurately and in detail through the application for "Service for Returned Personnel from Shanghai" small program before arriving in Shanghai; When arriving in Shanghai, cooperate in the "landing inspection" according to relevant regulations; Nucleic acid test shall be carried out within 24 hours after arriving in Shanghai. If the nucleic acid test is not completed once within 48 hours after arriving in Shanghai, the applicant will be prompted to expand the code along with the application code.

Second, those who come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai from the epidemic-affected areas in China should report to the local village committee and unit (or the hotel where they live) as soon as possible and within 12 hours after they arrive in Shanghai, and do a good job with isolation observation, health monitoring, nucleic acid detection and other relevant health management measures.

Third, all personnel coming to and returning from Shanghai will carry out 7 days of independent health monitoring after arriving in Shanghai, during which they will take self temperature measurements twice a day in the morning and evening, reduce unnecessary crowd gathering activities, and wear masks when going out.

Finally, once a fever and other suspicious symptoms, please do a good job of personal protection to the nearest fever clinic, and take the initiative to inform the history of living in other provinces and cities.


What should I do when I receive a call from the epidemic prevention personnel?

In the face of the epidemic prevention personnel's telephone flow inquiry, should Seek truth from facts, fulfill the duty of epidemic prevention, truthfully inform the activity track and other information, we will protect your privacy. If you receive a mobile phone call from another province and tell you that it is a suspicious secret connection or a secondary secret connection, first of all, please don't be too nervous and report the relevant situation to your town, village committee, Unit (or hotel) as soon as possible, then do a strict personal protection, avoid mobility, keep a certain distance from others, keep mobile phones unblocked, actively cooperate with the prevention and control departments to do a good follow-up isolation control, nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures.

Shanghai Landing Inspection Guide

Before coming to Shanghai

Before you come to Shanghai, you can know the entry policy in advance, register “Suishenban” and fill in the trip information on the “Service for people coming to Shanghai and returning to Shanghai”, and do nucleic acid test in advance. At the entrance of the city with bid, wechat or Alipay sweep site code.

Airports, railways

In the plane, train arrived in Shanghai, the travellers in the station to scan the site code or through the digital sentinel verification information, display 48 hours of nucleic acid detection report;

If there are medium and high-risk areas, static management areas, and areas with focus on living history within 7 days, it is required to declare truthfully. Relevant departments have set up corresponding signboards at airports and railway stations.

A highway or crossing

Passengers who drive themselves or take buses to Shanghai are required to scan the location code at high-speed toll booth or provincial level crossings. Relevant departments post the location code at each lane for everyone to scan.
If your mobile phone can not display the health code normally, the field staff will guide the vehicles to the plaza outside the toll station or the road crossing on the ground and other areas that do not affect traffic flow for inspection.

Buses will also be arranged to the side one by one inspection.


The red code personnel found in the inspection, who voluntarily declare that there are high school risk areas, areas where static management measures are implemented, and some areas of key concern [(counties where high school risk areas are located (cities, districts, banners, street towns, etc.) and areas where static management measures are implemented (cities, districts, banners, street towns, etc.)] living history within 7 days, shall be subject to closed-loop disposal by the local prevention and control office.

① Personnel with yellow code, display code prompt and nucleic acid report found in airport and railway station inspection for more than 48 hours; ② Reminders of yellow code and expanded code found in highway crossing inspection; ③ As well as those who voluntarily declare that they have a history of living in other areas except for the above areas requiring closed-loop disposal measures within 7 days, they need to register information and take samples at the site or nearby sampling points;

Other personnel can also take samples on site voluntarily for normal traffic.

All people who come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai should take nucleic acid samples once within 24 hours after entering Shanghai. If they do not take samples for more than 48 hours, they will be prompted with the application code.

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