China unveils action plan to attract foreign investment

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China recently announceda slew of new measures to atract and better use foreign investment.

Expand market access

  • Reasonably shorten negative list for foreign investment, remove all restrictions in foreign investment in manufacturing and expandopening-up in telecommunications andhealthcare
  • Launch pilot programs to relax foreign entry thresholdsin scientific and technological innovation

Allow free trade zones such asBeijing, Shanghai and Guangdong to choose eligibleforeign enterprises to expand pilot projects in gene diagnosis and treatment technology development and application.

Support opening-up measuresin areas such as informationservices (limited to app stores) to be implemented in pilot free trade zones.

  • Expand access of foreign financial institutions to banking and insurance sectors
  • Expand business scope of foreign financial institutions in domestic bond market
  • Conduct pilot investment programs for qualified foreign limited partners in China

Enhance appeal for foreign investment

  • Expand catalog of industries for encouraging foreign investment and list of key foreign-funded projects

In revising national catalog, focus on encouraging foreign investment in manufacturing, promote integrated development of service and manufacturing sectors, and increase support for advanced manufacturing, modern services, high-tech, energy conservation and environmental protection.

In revising central and western regions' catalog,enhance support for basic manufacturing, applicable technologies, and consumption related topeople's livelihood.

  • Waive tariffs for imported self-use equipment for foreign enterprises reinvesting in projects within China that meet conditions specified in catalog of industries for encouraging foreign investment

Implement preferential tax policies for foreign investors in China's bond market.

  • Encourage financial institutions to provide quality services and financing support for eligible foreign-invested projects according to market principles

Support eligible foreign enterprises to issue RMB bonds and use them for investment in China

Promote implementation of policies to facilitate cross-border trade and

investment foreign exchange management.

  • Guarantee energy use for foreign enterprises

Optimize fair compefitionenvironment

  • Clean up behaviors and policies violating fair competition
  • Remove unreasonable restrictions hampering enterprises of all types of ownerships from participating in tenders and bidding on anequal basis
  • Support foreign enterprises totake part in formulation andrevision of standardsaccording to law
  • Continue to promote 'Invest in China'
  • Better serve foreign enterprises

Make good use of platforms such as foreign enterprise roundtables to deepen regular exchanges with foreign enterprises, foreign chambers of commerce and international organizations and respond to concerns.

Improve inter-departmental coordination mechanism for handling complaints from foreign enterprises at all levels, ease communication channels, and promptly learn and address issues and legitimate claims raised by foreign enterprises.

Facilitate flow ofinnovation factors

  • Support foreign enterprises' data flow with their global headquarters
  • Facilitate international business personnel exchanges

Extend visa period to two years for management and technological staff of foreign enterprises and their accompanying spouses and underage children.

Speed up renewal of more international flights in aviation hubs such as Bejing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

  • Streamline application process for foreigners' work permits and work-related residence permits

Foreigners working in China who have obtained work-related residence permits of more than one year, at least twice consecutively, foreign management and professional technical personnel working for well-known enterprises and research institutions, as well asmembers of scientific research and innovation teams, may apply for up to 5-year residence permits through exit and entry administrations of public security organs. Those who meet the requirements may be approved for permanent residence in China.

Allow foreign management and professional technical personnel working in China to relocate to other regions within their respective enterprises or institutions, or to pursue degrees or continue their education at domestic universities without reapplying for residence permits.

  • Support innovative cooperation between domestic and foreign institutions

Support foreign enterprises, foreign R&D institutions and transnational companies set up in China to equally participate in key national R&D programs and major national science and technology projects.

Align domestic rules with high-standard international economic and trade rules

  • Strengthen IPR protection
  • Improve rules for cross-border data flow
  • Actively promote negotiation and implementation of high standard economic and trade agreements
  • Increase pilot efforts in aligning with high-standard international economic and trade rules

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