Notes on How Foreigners Enter China

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Many of our foreign friends have asked the J&K team how to enter China now, at present entry is essentially only possible in the following ways:

# 01

[Business visa]: Chinese vaccine + invitation letter from domestic unit (some embassies still require PU, must confirm with embassy or consulate before applying)

# 02

[Business visa]: APEC card + Chinese vaccine + letter of invitation from domestic unit

# 03

[Work visa]: Chinese Vaccine + Work Permit Notification

# 04

[Business / Work visa]: PU Invitation Letter + letter of invitation from domestic unit / Work Permit Notification

Note:If it is the United States / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Japan and other countries where the Chinese vaccine has not yet been introduced, people can only enter through the PU invitation letter plus the the business or work visa. But the PU invitation letter is difficult to handle, and many cities are also suspending the approval, so it is recommended that you can first wait. If the reunion visa application is loosened, the direct application for reunion visa is the most convenient.

# 05

[Residence permit]: Foreigners with valid Chinese residence permits for work, private affairs and reunion will be allowed to enter China without applying for a new visa. And holders of work permits that expire on March 28, 02020 can re-apply for work (Z-word) visas without an PU invittion letter.


  • This method does not apply to the embassies and consulates abroad of the 12 countries that have implemented the Notice on Temporary Suspension of Entry of Persons with Valid Chinese Visas and Residence Permits since November 2020: UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Canada.
  • From now on, foreigners with the above three types of valid residnce permits (work, private and reunion residence permits) who travel to China from USA on flights, if there are any indeed emergency, humanitarian or other necessary reasons, please make sure to submit their passports, residence permits and explanations of the reasons for their travel to China in advance, which will be checked and confirmed by the Consulate eneral in advance.

# 06

[Humanitarian visa]: For immediate family members in China who are critically ill or in mourning

So you may wish to check with the J & K team to see which situation you correspond with and what methods you can use to enter China, and then just consult the J & K team.

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