The adjustment of contribution base of SI and HF

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The urban employees’ average salary of the year 2020 has been released as RMB124056 (RMB10338/month), an increase of 7.9% over the previous year.

From July 1st, the adjustment of contribution base of Social Insurance and House Fund for the year 2021 has started.

Social Insurance

The contribution base of Social Insurance:

The upper limit: RMB31014/month;

The lower limit:    RMB5975/month.

(Considering the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia on economic and social development, the lower limit of the Social Insurance contribution base will be divided into two years to reduce the burden of employers. The lower limit is determined by the arithmetic average of the average salary in 2019 and 2020)

House Fund

The contribution base of House Fund:

The upper limit: RMB31014/month;

The lower limit:    RMB2480/month.

Average Salary

The "average salary of employees in the previous year" involved in the city's talents introduction policy shall be RMB10338/month.

Minimum Salary

Minimum Salary Standard:

for month: RMB2590

for hour: RMB23

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