US-China Fast-Track Travel Channel Program Launch

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Recently AmCham Shanghai announced the launch of US-China Fast-Track Travel Channel Program (the “Program”).  The Program should allow for businesspeople and their families to more easily travel to and from China.

The Program aims to provide a more efficient, predictable, and reliable channel for essential US company executives, technical personnel, and their dependents to enter China. This Program will enable qualified member companies to apply for a PU, or permission letter from their local municipality and receive a reduced processing time and an increased likelihood of approval. Employees can then apply for a visa from their appropriate overseas Chinese embassy or consulate.

AmCham Shanghai American company employees and their dependents who have an urgent need and necessity to enter China can participate in the program. The company must be registered in Shanghai and hold a valid business license in China (“营业执照”). Individual applicants do not need to be American or currently located in the United States. Member companies can also apply on behalf of contractors or business contacts who need to travel to China to support their business.

AmCham Shanghai will provide a cover letter and relevant materials to the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) to expedite the PU letter issuance process. As part of the program, companies will submit the information directly to the Shanghai FAO (bypassing the district FAOs), reducing PU letter issuance time to approximately 5-10 business days. The Shanghai FAO oversees the PU letter issuance process and will make the final determination on PU letter approvals and processing times. Processing times and issuance of PU letters are not guaranteed.

Applicant Checklist

Before beginning the process of applying to use the Fast Track Travel Channel Program, we recommend you do a careful self-assessment on whether you would qualify. To qualify applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Employee or under-18 dependent of an AmCham Shanghai member company or invited by an AmCham member company for business reasons.
  • AmCham Shanghai member company meets the criteria of being an American company.
  • AmCham Shanghai member company has a valid business license (“营业执照”).
  • Applicant has an “urgent need and necessity” to travel to China at this time.

The process may differ slightly in different cities, so please contact us for more details:8621 - 5178 5021

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