Work Permit for Foreign Scientific and Technological Talents Q&A

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Today we will launch FAQ for foreigners work in Shanghai , introducing the key contents of Foreigner's Work Permit for scientific and technological talents to you. 

What are the convenient policies for foreign scientific and technological talents?

(1) Further relax the limits in terms of age, academic degree or work experience

(2) Implement a “Notice + Pledge” System for those with No Criminal Record

(3) Support Foreign High-end Talents in research teams to apply for Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-end Talents

How is the scope of application of the Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-end Talents expanded?

The Online Approval for Foreigner’s Work Permit in China (Version 4.0) further expands the scope of application of the Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-end Talents. Foreign researchers participating in national task forces and young foreign talents, including recent doctoral graduates from key disciplines such as science, engineering, agriculture and medicine, upon identification by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs), may directly apply for the Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-end Talents according to relevant regulations, and may apply for R visa with a validity period of up to 10 years. Their accompanying family members may apply for visas with the same validity period.

What are the standards for new application and extension of the Foreigner’s Work Permit by foreign innovative entrepreneurial talents?

To regulate innovative entrepreneurial talents in Shanghai, for foreign talents such as legal persons making investment or innovative entrepreneurship and small investors, after an enterprise is legally established, limits in terms of age, academic degree or work experience may be relaxed when they apply for their first work permit in China. For foreign investors who have a physical office, their work permits in China may be extended based on the operating status, taxes, social security payment and other required circumstances of their companies. Foreign investors with virtual registration shall submit all documents required, including but not limited to operating status, taxes, and social security payment for an extension which is necessary according to the circumstances.

What are foreign skilled talents?

1. Hold a general foreign vocational qualification. Foreign skilled talents who hold senior foreign vocational qualifications that are included into management under the national vocational qualification system may directly work in Shanghai. Such qualifications include commercial and retail management certificate and business administration certificate (excluding international language certificates). For more information about foreign vocational qualification certificate, please contact J&K.

2. Skilled talents urgently needed in Shanghai. Foreign skilled talents who have expertise and rich practical experience in production and service positions, and are in line with the urgently needed occupations for the development of key industries in Shanghai, after obtaining overseas skills certificates accredited and with recommendation from competent authorities of the industries, may apply for a work permit. For details about skilled talents urgently needed in Shanghai, please contact J&K. 

3. Hold other international vocational qualifications. With the shortage in the fields and the competence of the talents considered, Talents holding other unspecified international vocational qualifications (such as ACCA certificate in financial management, and international football coaching qualification), after their employers provide a description of their qualification, of their shortage, of the specialization demonstrated by the certificate, and of the talents’ work experience, may apply for a work permit.

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