PU Invitation Letter Is No Longer Required

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PU invitation letter is no longer required for work and dependent visa applications.


Effective from 6 June, PU invitation letter issued by Foreign Affairs Office is no longer required for below foreign nationals applying China visa applications at Chinese consulates/embassies abroad: 


  • Foreign nationals applying for Z visa and accompanying foreign family members may apply for dependent visa.申请Z字签证的外籍人员及其申请家属签证的外籍随行家属。
  • Personnels returning to China to resume work (including those foreign nationals who have already obtained work authorization) and their foreign family members may apply for dependent visa.回国复工人员(包括已取得工作许可的外籍人员)及其申请家属签证的外籍随行家属。
  • For business visa application (i.e. for the purpose of commercial and trade activities) still requires a valid PU invitation letter.对于商务签证申请(即以商业和贸易活动为目的)仍需要有效的 PU 邀请函。

J&K has been in contact with various Chinese consulates and embassies abroad to clarify the detailed requirements following this update and in general, for work Z visa application, a valid pre-employment Notification Letter of Work Permit will be required. For dependent visa application, a valid kinship certificate such as marriage and birth certificate will be required. Consulates may exercise discretion to request for additional documents.

君恺已与各中国驻外使领馆联系,以明确本次更新后的详细要求。通常对于工作 Z 签证申请需要提供有效的工作许可通知书。对于家属签证申请,需要提供有效的亲属关系证明,例如结婚证和出生证。领事馆可酌情要求提供额外文件。

For detailed application requirements, please contact your J&K consultant for more details, or email us at info@jkinvest.net. We will support you with providing your immigration solutions. 

您可以联系您的君恺顾问以了解更多详情,或发送电子邮件至info @jkinvest.net我们将致力于为您提供解决方案。

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